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Chapter 3 – Every Artist Has A Story

Today I will be posting the final chapters of Artist Stories for this year’s Outdoor Show. It is also the final weekend of the 2015 RAL Outdoor Show. Looks like the weather is going to be perfect!

Ruth Jellema/Fiber Booth # 99
Rockford, Michigan

Mixed Media Art Work

Ruth Jellema Margate

“We are a married couple who met in college and have spent over 30 years making and selling artwork together.  Our home and studio are in Rockford, Michigan where the dramatic change of seasons is also a work of art.”
“Our work has changed many times over the years, but the one constant has been fabric – we’ve batiked it, silkscreened it, stitched it, stuffed it, and painted it.  We are currently using a technique we call fabric-mache.  We saturate cheesecloth with glue and build it up in many layers.  This produces a very hard and durable, yet lightweight, sculpture.  We build each piece individually, by hand, and hand paint it.”
“We began with life-size sculptures and have gradually added some smaller sizes.  People who have never seen the beautiful beaches of Michigan are often surprised by the recurring themes of bathing suits and sunglasses in our work.  It just seems natural to us – Ruth grew up in a town right on Lake Michigan while David grew up in New Jersey and spent summers at the Jersey shore.”

Gail Powell/Oil and Watercolor Painting Booth # 4
Milton, Delaware

Gail Powell Crescent Lake

Gail Powell Cresent Lake

Gail Powell paints contemporary oils and watercolors in brillant colors. She carries with her the light, colors and landscapes of the places she has lived; Hawaii, the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, California, North Carolina and Delaware. She captures the essence of each.
“Nature is the greatest influence that compels me to paint. Color, Light, Form and the intensity of the moment all inspire me. When I paint I explore the visual, the spiritual and the sense of place. As each painting emerges the combining of the subject, colors and my emotions interplay to become the quality that brings joy in painting.”


Arden Bardol/Jewelry Booth # 8
Dover, Delaware

Wings necklace

Arden Bardol Wings Necklace red periwinkle mix

Arden is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University where she earned a degree in Architecture. In addition to her training in architecture, she has a passion for creating wearable art. She uses polymer clay as her medium and color, texture & shape as her tools. With polymer as her palette, her art is inspired by nature’s graceful forms combined with clean geometric shapes. Simple forms combined to create intricate, layered compositions Feminine, classic, & playful. The overall effect is clean, modern and inviting art jewelry. Arden is a 2011 NICHE Awards Winner, 2012, 2014 and 2015 NICHE Award Finalist. Arden has also been selected to represent the State of Delaware as part of an exhibition of 51 artists (one artist representing each state plus DC) for the celebration of American Craft Week in October. Each of her piece is one of a kind/or limited edition.

Tara Funk Grim/Mixed Media Booth # 68
Bethany Beach, Delaware

Painting by Tar Funk Grim

Tara Funk Grim Tutti Frutti

“I love the RAL Outdoor Show! The campus is magical and the exhibitor’s  are awesome! The patrons who visit are really interested in art and enjoy talking to the artists about the work!”
“I work in mixed media which allows ongoing changes in the flow of the moment. It allows for expanding thoughts and ideas and challenges in an inventive and creative way. I call it working Beyond Alla Prima. The painting is allowed to evolve and age. The heart and mind become one with the inspiration, imagination and materials.
“Each painting is an adventure and a journey into the unknown. I challenge myself to new ideas! Inspiration comes in the doing and evolves with materials on the canvas allowing my imagination to soar!”

George Bragg/Metal Booth # 54
Panama City Beach, Florida

wall sculpture by George Bragg

George Bragg The Journey wall sculpture

George Bragg is a machinist by trade. He is self-taught with 30 years as a full-time professional artist.
Inspired by nature, I incorporate organic elements collected on my travels, with copper sheeting and tubing. The subject is non-objective abstract, with a focus on line, texture and color. The metal process includes repousse, chasing,  hand tooling, torching and acid patinas applied to copper to create the surface variations. Completed works have a variety of tactile and visual textures and are designed as 3-dimensional wall sculptures.”

 Kathy Cooper/Decorative Fiber/Painted Floorcloths  Booth #65

Winston Salem, North Carolina

FIsh by Kathy Cooper

Kathy Cooper Fish

“My simple desire to make a kitchen rug in 1979 led to a lifetime devoted to keeping floor art relevant through painting, writing (2 books), and teaching (art schools and television appearances). My designs are unique. What started as an effort to make rugs led me to become a painter for the floor. I am known for my whimsical, happy, colorful style and my customers have become loyal followers of my artwork. I love color, and I use color to infuse life with energy, spirit, and enthusiasm!”
Floorcloths were the first floor covering (predating linoleum) that could be easily cleaned. They are incredibly durable and give years of use.  Easy to live with you simply damp mop when necessary.
“Recently I have been working on bringing a printed version of my work to a broader audience.  I sell my work directly to the client through my website and at shows.  I spend my days painting new designs and developing custom work for clients in search of a special floor covering.”
“Preparing for a show!  I have been painting a new series of fish mats.  Its usually chaos the last few days before I leave, trying to finish and pack.  (Check that list and check it twice…I have forgotten my tent before!) Traveling to shows is not for the faint of heart!  Once you finish making the work, pack the car and drive, the real work begins when you set up and sell!  I chose this life 40 years ago and it has been an adventure.  I practice yoga to stay in shape and maintain youthful energy!  But what really keeps me going are the wonderful customers who buy my work, enjoy it and come back to see me!”

 Jarrod Ranney/Oil Painting Booth # 86

Bear, Delaware

Painting Grand Parade

Jerrod Ranney Grand Parade


“This is my sixth year participating in the Rehoboth Art League Outdoor Show. I enjoy the show because I like sharing my art. The Rehoboth Art League Outdoor Show has allowed me to meet people from all over the world.” 
“Most art allows us to escape from our lives while dreaming that the grass is greener on the other side. The work I present here tries to explore the boundaries within our own fences.”
“The show preparation takes a long time because I hand make my own frames. I think it is important so my work can be displayed in the best way possible.”

Outdoor Show 2014

The Outdoor Show is open today from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow, Sunday, August 16th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Posted by Lynne Powell, RAL Marketing Coordinator

Thank you to each artist on this post for providing their information.




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