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Chapter 2 – Every Artist Has a Story

The spectacular weather and great quality of art and crafts this year brought record crowds to the first weekend of the 42nd Annual Outdoor Fine Art and Fine Craft Show at RAL in Henlopen Acres.  The last two days of this year’s show are Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th. Some of the artists and artisans in the show this weekend share their art and stories below. Hope to see you there!

Nick Serratore/ Pastel  Booth # 35
Lewes, Delaware

Pastel by Nick Serratore

Nick Serratore Wild Meadow pastel

It is an honor to be selected as an artist for the Rehoboth Art League’s Outdoor Fine Art and Fine Craft Show. The caliber of work reflects the hard work and dedication of the artists and RAL’s commitment to bringing it to the public.”
Through my art I render seemingly commonplace views softer yet shot full of dramatic color summoning both serenity and energy.  Moods, thoughts and memories are evoked as the viewer becomes immersed in their own experience.

John Iampieri/Screen Painting Booth # 83
Bishopville, Maryland

Painted screen

John Iampieri, painted screen

“I am so excited about being in the Outdoor Show!  I have been wanting to do this show for years!
The unique tradition of painting on screens has long been considered an indigenous form of folk art. In 1913,William Octavek, a Czechoslovakian grocer and artist was concerned about his wilting outdoor produce display during Baltimore’s hot and humid summer days.  So he moved his fruits and vegetables inside and painted pictures of his merchandise on the screens outside of his storefront.  His customers noticed they could not see inside the store from the outside during the day, but once inside, as they looked out it was as if there was nothing on the screen at all!
John R Iampieri, a local artist residing in Bishopville for over  20 years remembers the magic of these functional screens growing up in Baltimore as a child.  Today, the artist uses the techniques of the original masters and creates hand painted screens on windows, doors, entire porches, and as wall art.

Charlene Jobe/Painting Booth # 28
Reading, Pennsylvania


Painting by Charlene Jobe

“This is my 11th year participating in the show. This is one of my favorite shows of the year, the RAL grounds are beautiful and the staff great to work with.  I have met many wonderful patron that stop each year to say hello.  It’s hard work preparing for the show but exciting.”

Pavlina Alea/Painting Booth # 77
Miami, Florida

 Painting by Pavlina Alea

Pavlina Alea In the Blue acrylic on canvas

 “The images in the show are all water scenes; I go underwater with my models and have photo shoots, which later inspire my paintings”.  “I have been passionate about drawing as far back as I remember. I saw a curious bit of evidence in my medical records from age 2. The doctor’s comment read: “The child’s favorite pastime is drawing”. There it was!
 Pavlina is a classically trained artist, born and raised in Bulgaria. She attended  the Fine Art magnethigh-school in Sofia, where the contact with talented peers pushed my skills to new levels. She later attended The National Academy of Art, the most prestigious higher education art school in Bulgaria and earned a MFA in Painting. In 2002 Pavlina moved to Philadelphia, PA and was accepted to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. At the Academy she earned a full-tuition scholarship and numerous awards. She has since moved to Florida where she is a member of the art faculty at Palm Beach State College.
“I see art as a lifelong journey and an exhilarating mode of expression.”


Alfredo Alea/Sculpture Booth # 78
Miami, Florida

Sculpture by Alfredo Alea

Alfredo Alea Work of Hands sculpture

The piece above is a bronze sculpture that symbolizes a mythical archaeological bronze sculpture of a fictional past. It is made of bronze and sits on a fabricated steel base. It stands at 36 inches and 2 feet depth
“My life led me to study the forms and underlying structure of the natural world, as I began my undergraduate studies in biochemistry. I switched majors after spending much too much time drawings the forms of living systems and chemical bonds. This led me to switch to liberal arts, where I was exposed to a world of humanity and how it thinks of itself. Finding it very constraining to think of man as the center of things, I thought, why not merge the human story to the natural world? After pursuing my graduate degree in the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts in Philadelphia, I came across the vast treasures of archaeological museums in the northeast area of the US. I knew that somewhere between the museum of natural history and the museum of art there lay a vast gap that seemed unnatural to me. How could the categorical distinction between these two fields of (essentially) information, be thought of as two different things altogether?”
 “My work deals with fictional as well as rationally-based structures of knowledge. Whether it be a piece of strange scientific artifact that is out of place in an art gallery, or an archaeological artifact in an astrophysics display in a science museum. Blurring the boundaries that our minds have somehow abdicated for the dissemination of knowledge.  I still consider myself an explorer, I simply don’t think I fit into any particular category or field of study.”

Stephen Brehm/Oil Painting Booth # 52
Leola, Pennsylvania

Painting Resting Dairy Cow II

Stephen Brehm Resting Dairy Cow II

“The RAL Outdoor Fine Art & Fine Craft Show has been good to me over the years.  The patrons are knowledgeable about art, love art and collector art. You can’t ask for a better audience.  That, and I’ve been going to the local beaches for years as a vacation destination point as well as a place to paint. My best work is always displayed at this show.” 
Born in France, Stephen is a world traveler and paints where he travels.  He is also featured in American Art Collector and Philadelphia Style Magazine.

Susan Gist/Jewelry Booth # 44
Severna Park, Maryland

jewelry by Susan Gist

Susan Gist jewelry

As an artist, I am drawn to shape and texture.  My mission is to inspire through the beauty of my designs. I am very excited to be exhibiting in the show for the fourth time.  The caliber of art, the friendliness of the staff and artists and the beach venue make it one of my favorite shows of the year. The inspiration for my work is often found in nature and I get great joy creating a beautiful piece of wearable art from the inspiration around me. Spirals are a re-occurring theme in my work.  The spiral symbolizes the evolution of the universe, the never-ending cycles of growth, change and eternal life as well as the cycles of the seasons.

Gerilyn Gaskill/Watercolor and Oil Painting Booth # 15
Georgetown, Delaware

painting by Gerilyn Gaskill

Gerilyn Gaskill Cheap Rental for Birds

I just love to paint, It is my passion. I grew up smelling oils and turpentine at my grandfathers house, watching him paint in both watercolors and oils. Now I have immersed myself in painting, experimenting, learning from others, doing all I can to experience the art of painting. Sharing as I travel this wonderful world of color and art.”

Michael Quattrociocchi/Wood Booth # 93
Milford, Delaware

Wood Box Trapped

Michael Quattrociocchi Trapped

“The RAL Outdoor Show is a great place to meet other interesting and talented artists. The staff is wonderful to work with. Perfect setting for a fun show and gives me the ability to find new homes for some of my best works.
My goal, as a fine wood crafter and artist, is to design a piece that can bridge between fine craft and fine art. With this as a guiding principle, I focus on the true beauty of natural wood while providing an object with practical functional use.
I refer to many of my designs as “Mission Japanese.” I am greatly influenced by Mission Arts and Crafts style. Mission design is functional and focuses on the beauty of wood grain and figure rather than ornate design and carvings.
Preparing for the show: The best part about preparing for the show is that I get to work closely with my wife, Beth, doing something we both enjoy. Many designs start out as loosely defined commissions. I ask several questions to determine the function and design aspects the customer desires, and often make mock ups for their review during the build process.”

Norm Dubin/Photo Collage Booth # 40
Baltimore, Maryland

Photo Collage by Norm Dubin

Norm Dubin Spiralplate Photo Collage

“My work is best described as akin to graphic design. Photographs are combined,overlaid, merged and otherwise digitally enhanced. I am from Baltimore and have exhibited for several years at RAL.  I look forward to the show along with trepidation about the weather.”

Rae Hamilton/Oil Painting Booth # 34
Parkton, Maryland

Painting by Rae Hamilton

Rae Hamilton River in Spring

“Preparing for a show takes much planning and hard work. Producing paintings is just the beginning. They have to be varnished, labeled, framed, and packed. The tent and its superstructure have be packed and clean. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Impressionist and pre-Impressionist masters whose work I was drawn to very early in my studies, as well as to contemporary artists who have generously shared their knowledge over the years. In the end, however, it is the constant struggle to produce works of art that results in the most growth. Learning to represent three-dimensional life on a two-dimensional surface and to capture how light transforms any subject is a challenge that can best be met through hard investigation and perseverance.”

Anne Hanna/Watercolor Painting Booth # 20
Dagsboro, Delaware

Anne Hanna's booth

Anne Hanna’s Booth at the Outdoor Show

Daryl Harwood/Mixed Media Booth # 53
Panama City Beach, Florida

Daryl Harwood Zen Garden Series

Darly Harrwood Zen Garden Series


 Face Painting with Artist Sherry Biele
Under the Umbrella between Booths 31 and 36
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m each day

Face Painting with Sherry Biele

Face Painting with Sherry Biele

Enter to win this painting by Lewes artist, Steve Rogers. 

Painting Morning in the Mist

Steve Rogers Morning in the Mist

Tickets are $5 for one raffle ticket and $20 for five raffle tickets.
The painting is valued at $3000.
Tickets may be purchased during the Outdoor Show at the Members’ Booth, the Corkran Gallery and at the RAL Art Studios on Route 9 Gallery. The drawing will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 16th. Winner need not be present to win.

Stop by and see all the art, art demos, music and great food. The Art League provides free parking and shuttles from The Kmart on Route 1 and Rehoboth Elementary School, 500 Stockley Street.

Also connect with the Art League via Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Posted by Lynne Powell, RAL Marketing Coordinator


Thank you to the following artists who contributed to this post with their stories: Nick Serratore, John Iampieri, Pavlina Alea, Alfredo Alea, Susan Gist, Gerilyn Gaskill, Norm Dubin, Charlene Jobe, Stephen Brehm, Michael Quattrociocchi, Rae Hamilton, Daryl Harwood and Anne Hanna.


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