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Every Artist Has a Story

Today is the second day of  the Rehoboth Art League’s 42nd Annual Outdoor Fine Art and Fine Craft Show at the Henlopen Acres location. Today the show is open until 4 pm. The show continues next weekend on August 15 -16. It has been interesting to connect with many of the artists, especially those who will participate for the first time in this show. Many artists found out about the show from other artists who recommended it.

Over 125 artists and artisans are in this year’s show. Most will participate both weekends and some take part in one weekend only. Here are some highlights of the artists and the artwork you will see when you visit the show. I will let them share their stories.


Deborah Armstrong/Jewelry – Booth 106 Weekend One

Greenwich, CT

Necklace by Deborah Armstrong

Necklace by Deborah Armstrong

I heard from many fellow artists that this is a fun, fabulous and profitable show so I am hoping to expand my roster of collectors. I create award-winning textured silver with gemstones and 18k gold decorated bezel work. Some bezels are etched surrounds, others pierced to let light illuminate the stones or fabricated to make the stones attractive from all angles. I also make pieces that are either carved out of wax, repoussed or fabricated in layers using piercing for the base, soldered sides, sealing the top and finally creating the third layer with individual cutouts in 18 k gold.

My fine arts background includes the University of Colorado, Parson’s School of Design and Cecelia Bauer’s Studio in NYC. I have won numerous national awards and was a featured artist in the Bruce Museum’s “Bijoux: The Origins and Impact of Jewelry” exhibition.”


Yoram Gal/Painting/Mixed Media – Booth 101 Weekend One
Old Jaffa, Israel

Yoram Gal_ADAM AND EVE canvas 60x96 nov 13 FFF full size E

Yoram Gal Adam and Eve

Yoram Gal grew up and was educated in London and Tel-Aviv and started painting at the age of 12.” A fellow artist, Mark McKinnon, photographer, who is a colleague in the big circuit, told me last summer about your show. I was invited to a prestigious show this coming weekend, in the Rockies and canceled it in order to be in your show. I come for a few shows each trip from Israel.”

I paint as wide a range of modern life’s rich diversity as I can, capturing fleeting moments of dramatic, comic and lyrical interactions between people. Juicifying the changing landscapes of our times on paper and canvas, stretching the styles of painting from realism to abstract, through my own expressionism, experimenting in dangerous non-comfort zones, striving to go beyond my previous piece into something I did not know before. I start  from scratch, daily, working at re-inventing my painting like a child. Having fun celebrating my decades on earth in the most colorful, joyful and intense way I can. Joie-de-vivre is my motto.”


Drew Montesano/Glassblower – artist and visionary – Booth #116 Weekend One
Doylestown, PA


Ruby Feather Vase

Ruby Feather Vase

Drew’s interest and career in glass began with Peggy Karr Glass (Randolph, NJ) where he practiced the art of slumping and fusing glass into beautiful, yet functional glassware. After 2 years, he continued on his quest to explore glass media through creating ornamental beadwork at Fine Line Glass Studio (Breckenridge, CO), under the supervision of Master Glassblower Kerry Feldman. Upon returning to the East Coast his career ambition led to securing an apprenticeship with Master Glassblowers Doug Merritt and Stephen Smarr , of Vandermark Merritt Glass Studios, Inc. (Somerville, NJ). While working with Vandermark for 10 years, Drew honed his skills in creating cased floral designs, as well as traditional, colonial reproduction, and art nouveau blown glass.

Drew is currently developing his own line of hand-blown, decorative yet functional art glass. He masterfully creates unique perfume bottles, ring holders, paperweights, vases, bowls, ornaments, sun catchers, wall hangings, and free-form sculpture. His fine craftsmanship and designs are unique one-of-a kind signed art forms, with custom pieces available by request.


Aina Nergaard-Nammack/Painting – Booth #70 – Weekend One

Lewes, DE


#1430 Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons

Aina Nergaard-Nammack #1430 Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons

“I consider myself a colorist and interested in shapes and colors. I work with abstracted forms and saturated colors . I consider my paintings non representational, bringing components of the painting together rather than merely copying from nature. The simple shapes I abstract from the subject become non representational at first, yet combined they may give an idea of reality. The important thing is their relationship on the pictorial field. I take those simplified forms and arrange them on the pictorial field to achieve a balanced composition both in form and color. The subject is not very important to me. Everything that I see or feel is suitable to work with. “

“I have always been interested in the simplicity of form. In later years I have changed my color from more subdued to saturated. I have participated in the Outdoor Show  20 years. I enjoy this show, the only outdoor show that I participate in. And the grounds are gorgeous.”


Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski/Hand Made Paper – Booth # 119
Weekend One – Pottstown, PA

Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski Season of Grace

Jeanne Petrosky and Dennis Guzenski Season of Grace

We heard about the show from other artist and thought it would be a good fit for our art. Since 1987 Jeanne Petrosky & Dennis Guzenski have been making paper in an unconventional manner. Their art focuses on texture and color, bringing a meditative spirit to any environment.

We are a collaborative team in both art and life. Our excitement and hopes are high!”


John Pompeo/Painting – Booth # 110 – Weekend One
Phoenixville, PA

Painting Beach Boy

John Pompeo Beach Boy

“The subjects I am inspired to paint have one thing in common…a sense of serenity.  As a result, most of my paintings are impressions of the natural world.  My intention is always to create pieces that inspire, awaken, and soothe. This will be my fourth year doing the show. I like the atmosphere and the patrons, but also greatly appreciate the way RAL treats the artists and makes them feel at home.”

“My favorite comment someone gave me at a show was: “You have great harmony with the subjects and colors that you choose. When I view your work, you may laugh, but it seems that there is sound with each piece, and it is almost as if I could hear music.”


This is all for today. Stop by and see all the art, art demos and music and great food. Open until four today, Sunday August 9th. There is free parking and shuttle from The Kmart on Route 1 and Rehoboth Elementary School, 500 Stockley Street.

Look for more artist stories over the next week on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Posted by Lynne Powell, RAL Marketing Coordinator


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