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Art of Nature – The Nature of Art

As the RAL Marketing Coordinator, this is my first blog post. I mention this so that you might bear with me as I transition my skills to something new to me. My initial fear is what do I blog about and will anyone read it.

This initial plunge must be like the painter facing a blank canvas, the writer a blank page, the sculptor a slab of stone, the musician holding his/her instrument thinking of the initial note.

The mind simply goes blank!

This post is the result of a thought I had after attending a recent exhibition at the RAL Corkran Galleries in Henlopen Acres. A downpour had drenched the pine cones and needles that were strewn along the path to the gallery. As I rounded a corner, there on display was an Art of Nature. A brilliant orange mushroom top stood above the pine layer. I am sure it took quite a dramatic attempt to flourish in this site, let alone get through the dense ground to bloom.

I stood there and felt very lucky to have come across such beauty where I normally would not have looked. Every artistic element spoke to me; the intricate design, the color, the fringed edge, and it was alone.

mushroom 1

This was surely ART.

John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

One of the reasons we like to look at art and buy art is the joy it can bring. Beauty, of course, is dependent on the viewer. What is beautiful as art probably went through many stages to get there. Just the day before, someone else had seen the same mushroom and it was a tight brown knot on the end of a beige stem. So maybe art is a moment we capture in our mind.  In this way, it is both fleeting and everlasting.

~ Lynne Powell for the RAL Blog


Treadway_Paul_4_SNOWY EGRET 1

Snowy Egret by Paul Treadway

77th Members’ Fine Art Exhibition and Members’ Showcase -Drawing at the Henlopen Acres location. Both exhibitions run through August 23rd.






3 Graces by Wayne Weeks

Wayne Weeks 3 Graces Oil and charcoal on canvas

An Evening with the Artist – Wayne Weeks
Friday, July 31st from 5 – 7 pm

Weeks will discuss his works, including his influences and techniques.
Exhibition Extended

Lines of  Inquiry, works by Wayne Weeks will run through August 4, 2015




Chase Melendez painting

Chase Melendez, untitled acrylic painting


Invaders, works by Chase Melendez at the RAL Art Studios on Route 9

Opening Friday, August 7th from 5 – 7 pm.
This exhibition runs through September 13th.




Outdoor Show 2014

Snapshot from the 2014 Outdoor Show


42nd Annual Outdoor Fine Art and Fine Craft Show
August 8 – 9 and August 15 – 16



When you want a break from the beach and the traffic visit the RAL Homestead Gardens where you can just enjoy nature and find a bit of art in nature…

05_The gardens behind the Historic Homestead offer a break and a chance to see which artists you still want to see.

A seat is waiting for you in Homestead Gardens










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