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Help Equip the RAL Art Studios on Route 9

Drawing Class

Creating a self-portrait ~ Drawing Camp 2014.

We need your help this APRIL to outfit the new RAL Art Studios on Route 9 so that classes can begin as early as May! In order to offer a wide-range of classes, as well as an innovative media arts center with equipment for photo editing, printing, and graphic design, we are busy striving to fully equip the Studios. We’ve compiled a “Wish List” or “Studio Registry” of needed equipment and are seeking help from our community.

We hope you will take a look at the list below and visit our Web site to make a donation toward the purchase of one or more of these items. You can also obtain a PDF listing of the items via our Web site and mail in your donation. We are recognizing our supporters by proudly displaying donor names on the purchased items. We also have “Commemorative Naming Opportunities” for those who would like to pledge their support and have a gallery, classroom, studio, etc. named in their honor.

art easel to donate



Easels   (10 needed)   $120 eachDSCN0436
Drawing Tables   (10 needed)   $175 each
Taborets   (10 needed)   $175 each
Portable Studio Lights   (2 needed)   $80 each
Drawing Stools   (12 needed)   $50 each
Classroom Chairs   (20 needed)   $20 each
Classroom Tables   (12 needed)   $50 each
Chair/Table Racks   (2 needed)   $250 each
Bulletin Boards   (2 needed)   $100 each
White Boards   (2 needed)   $150 each


Photographer Jennie Keith will have access to the RAL's photo print studio.

Photographers like Jennie Keith will have access to the RAL’s photo print studio.

Wide-print printer   (1 needed)   $1,900
Classroom printer   (3 needed)   $500 each
Color Management   (2 needed)   $150 each
Adobe Cloud Software   (12 needed)   $300 each
iMac Computers   (11 needed)   $1200 each
PC Computer   (1 needed)   $700


Scanner   (1 needed)   $700
Toner for wide-print printer   (ongoing)   $900
Paper for wide-print printer   (ongoing)   $700

*** Other Amount to Help Us Reach Our Goals

If you have a “gently used” item from the list that you would like to donate, please contact Sheila Bravo at to discuss your donation.

art easel to donate


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