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Foto Friday: The Story Behind the Himalayan Dog Photo

What would you do if one of your photographs went wild overnight? That’s what happened to Sebastian Wahlhuetter after he shared his beautiful photograph of a dog sitting peacefully during a majestic Himalayan sunrise……

The Himalayan Dog photo by Sebastian Wahlhuetter "Winter is Coming"

“Winter Is Coming,” by Sebastian Wahlhuetter. Also know as The Himalayan Dog photo.

The dog had appeared out of nowhere, designating himself “unofficial guide” for Wahlhuetter’s group during their 8-day trek in the Himalayan outback. He even protected them from other wild dogs! After posting the image on 500px, the photo went viral. Wahlhuetter received kudos from National Geographic photographer & Pulitzer prize winner Jay Dickman and learned many valuable lessons from the unexpected experience.

Want to know what happened with the dog? Visit Wahlhuetter’s blog for the rest of the story! You can also find him on Facebook at Sebastian Wahlhuetter Photography.


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