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Foto Friday: Revisiting the Places of Our Past

"Temporal, Dairy Queen," by David Linneweh, 2014. Transfer, oil, and graphite on panel.

“Temporal, Dairy Queen,” by David Linneweh, 2014. Transfer, oil, and graphite on panel.

This month at the Rehoboth Art League, one of the exciting exhibitions is So, Il Perspective: Re-Imagined Landscapes with artists David Linneweh and John Reddington. The two artists went to graduate school together in Southern Illinois and graduated in 2007. The concept for their new series of paintings involves revisiting the area together via old photographs, memory, conversation, and even Google maps. You can listen to the artists discuss the exhibition via a podcast on the StudioBreak podcast page. Visit the artists’ Web sites for more info at David and John

This exhibition is on display in the Corkran Gallery through April 27th, while 144 Degrees: Encaustic Paintings by Kristen Woodward & a Members Showcase: Lost at Sea-Seascapes are exhibitions available in the Tubbs Gallery and the Homestead.

WANT TO SEE YOUR PHOTO FEATURED ON RAL’s FOTO FRIDAY??? ~  Submit a photo of your artwork/photography to be featured here on the RAL Blog for Foto Friday, please email your submissions to First consideration will be given to RAL members. Thank You!


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