Foto Friday / Youth Art

Foto Friday: Creative Growth Via Art Outreach

Before & After Artwork by 7th Grade Arts Outreach Participant, Savannah M.

Before & After Artwork by 7th Grade Art Outreach Participant

Seventh grader Savannah is a participant in one of the Rehoboth Art League’s Art Outreach programs. She recently repeated a creative “Superheroes” assignment she initially did four years ago as a third grader. In her artwork, she portrays a fantasy Pegasus that rescues children who may need help. Savannah’s instructor, Ms. Jen August, notes that Savannah’s current artwork shows immense creative and mental growth in a short amount of time.

Ms. August also noted that Savannah’s group did another follow-up exercise where they created paintings to illustrate REAL superheroes who inspire them where they live. Savannah and nearly all of her peers painted their parents. We invite you to learn more about the RAL’s Art Outreach in our communities & consider supporting these beneficial programs.



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