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Wrap Up Youth Art Month With These 12 Creative Activity Ideas

Youth Art Month

Here at the Rehoboth Art League we think every month is an “Art Month,” but officially March is National Youth Art Month and so we pay special tribute to our community’s young artists with our Young At Art exhibition.

But you don’t have to have art on display at the RAL or anywhere else to get involved with Youth Art Month. And just between us – you can be young at heart versus young in years. Art is for everyone…. of all ages and skill levels. Participation in art activities has many positive benefits including increased confidence, inspired new ideas, reduced stress, and improved quality of life.

Here are 12 IDEAS for CREATIVE FUN (no matter your age!).
See how many you can try before Youth Art Month is over!

Natural mandala by artist Kathy Klein

Natural Mandala by Artist Kathy Klein

1. Take an art scavenger hunt ~ it’s starting to warm up outside & nature is popping out all over! Take a hike and see what you can create using just items from nature such as stones, sticks, leaves, and berries.

Compass Art via

Compass Art  via Housing A Forest

2. Try some Compass Art. A colorful, fun, and easy activity where the variety of outcomes are endless! Don’t like it yet – add a new color or spin a different way. Have fun!

3. Love photography? Go on a photo scavenger hunt ~ Set off with your cameras and seek out particular items or maybe use a color theme or shape theme to guide your search.

4. Love the computer? Challenge your family to a computer art contest ~ Use online tools such as or PicassoHead to create fun images with filters, text, and more.

5. Visit a local art museum or gallery – i.e. Get a group together and come out to the Rehoboth Art League campus or our new Annex!

food art owls

via TastyFoodSnacks

6. Create some fun & delicious Edible Art! See what types of animals or scenes you can create using just fruit or fruit, nuts, and veggies.

7. Get creative with your journaling ~ try adding some colored drawings, watercolor painting, or paste memorabilia into your journal. Try to illustrate what you might normally only write.

8. Chalk it up! Get out the eco-friendly chalk (learn how to make your own here) and go crazy on your driveway or sidewalks.

pottery basics camp

RAL camper during a Pottery Basics camp

9. Challenge yourself (or your kids) to sign up for a class! Maybe you or your kids are ready to try something new or learn more about something you love – i.e. pottery, weaving, photography, etc. Challenge yourselves to sign up for a class by the end of March! (p.s. Check out the RAL’s exciting schedule of classes and workshops, plus kids’ summer camps.)

Zentangles for kids via

Zentangles for kids via Inner Child Fun

10. Learn how to create some basic Zentangles. Fun for all ages, easy to learn, relaxing, & requires very few materials. Enjoy!

11. Use Pinterest to explore art & artists from around the world ~ There are lots of great Pinterest pages and boards with images and info about famous artists, artwork, art techniques, and more. Set aside some time to explore and create your own board of the Art You Love. (Don’t forget to connect with the RAL on Pinterest so we can see what you find!)

Whimsical popcorn art by artist Victor Nunes

Whimsical popcorn art by artist Victor Nunes

12. Create some art Victor Nunes style! Whip up some whimsical images using popcorn, paper clips, and other items. Challenge yourself to see how many unique images you can create using your items.


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