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Meet More of the RAL Member Artists & Artisans

It’s time to meet more Rehoboth Art League (RAL) member artists and artisans! Plus a quick reminder that RAL has 3 new exhibitions open through September 29th. The 40th Members’ Craft Exhibition, in the Corkran and Tubbs Galleries, is always exciting with a wide variety of inspiring creations and this year is no exception. Larry Edwards is the featured artisan and stay tuned for a listing of all the award winners.  Jane Alsruhe: Life’s Reflections is in the Ventures Gallery and features Jane’s beautiful ability to evoke emotion or tell a story with her art using the primary components of color, contrast, and realism.  Finally, 3 Views: Jean Doran – Steve Rogers – and Laura Hickman, in the Historic Homestead, is a unique show featuring 3 artists who travel together to a Southern Delaware location and each create a work featuring their unique perspectives. Don’t miss these fantastic shows! Check out all the exhibition details HERE. Each of the artists featured in this post participated in RAL’s 2013 Outdoor Show. Visit their Web sites to see where they are showing their work next!

"Boat at End of Tangier," by Laura Hickman

“Boat at End of Tangier,” by Laura Hickman

Laura Hickman is a Delaware native whose work has been profoundly influenced by her early years growing up in Bethany Beach. Working on paper that she paints black, she has created over a thousand pastel drawings based on her environment. Laura was fortunate to study in Italy through a college program and the experience was a major influence in her life. Having taught art for several years, she returned to her Delaware hometown in 1988 to realize her dream of being a full-time artist. Her works have been purchased by private collectors, as well as corporations and her work has been shown in galleries up and down the East Coast and in Germany. She has won numerous awards including the Outstanding Alumnae Award from the University of Delaware. With her new gallery and studio, she enjoys documenting the world around her, to include changes happening in her hometown. As noted above, Laura’s work will be featured at RAL as part of a 3-artist exhibition in September. See more of Laura’s art on her Web site:

Jewelry Art by Joy Davis

Jewelry Art by Joy Davis

Joy Davis is a self-taught silversmith and “Art-to-Wear” jewelry designer. She creates and designs one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and custom contemporary jewelry, including special occasion and bridal jewelry. Her designs reflect various moods and range from the unusual and sophisticated to whimsical and fun. Having always dabbled in the arts, Joy began designing full-time in the late 1980s while living in Pennsylvania. Upon returning to Delaware in 1992, she set up a “sun-drenched studio in the turn-of-the-century artists and craftsmen village of Arden.” Joy has received numerous awards and recognitions over the years and her jewelry can be found in select galleries and in many personal collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. She exhibits regularly in juried fine craft shows, selected fundraisers, and invitationals. An example of her work is featured below and you can learn more about her on her Web page via Delaware By Hand.

Nina Mickelsen of Clarissa Studio Art at her booth during the 2013 RAL Outdoor Show

Nina Mickelsen of Clarissa Studio Art at her color-filled booth during the 2013 RAL Outdoor Show

Nina Mickelsen’s dynamic and vibrant variety of work includes acrylic, mixed media, and photography that all draw inspiration from her cultural background and from living by the water. From the bright colors and clean lines used in Scandinavian design to lush colors, heavy materials, and a reflective Slavic character, she hopes viewers will see boldness in the colors, composition, and themes. “For me, my art is my way to integrate my current American life with all that I was and had before,” says Nina. After a long and successful career in international business, she studied Graphic Design, Digital Art, and Print Making at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C. Nina had her first solo show in 2006 and has participated in numerous juried fine art shows in the Mid-Atlantic and in Florida. Her work can be found in private homes and in hospitality spaces in Europe and in the U.S. She has exhibited her work in galleries, at RAL, and also produces note cards based on her designs, for Talbots, Inc. Learn more about Nina and her art on her Web site, Clarissa Studio Art and you can also find her on Facebook!

Pears, Blossoms, Cloisonne Vase by Lillian Forziat

Pears, Blossoms, Cloisonne Vase by Lillian Forziat

Lillian Forziat concentrates on capturing the beauty of everyday subjects in serene settings. In her still-life canvasses and tranquil landscapes or seascapes, her oil paintings embrace a gentle juxtaposition of traditional realism and impressionism. Lillian is a member of several art organizations, to include multiple art leagues. As a jurist, she has been called upon to evaluate and critique paintings by current artists. Her work is included in many private collections throughout the U.S. and the U.K., and has been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions. Her paintings have received numerous accolades including many Best in Show awards in exhibitions and fine art shows. Learn more about Lillian and her art on her Web site:

"L'Entracte 1," by Edwin Hirschfield

“L’Entracte 1,” by Edwin Hirschfield

Edwin Hirschfield is a photographer who chooses not go to digital in a digital age. He enjoys coming upon a subject and waiting for the right light. He might sit for as long as 3 hours, watching the light change, and waiting for the perfect moment that simply can’t be achieved with Photoshop. He still enjoys the process of placing a sheet of exposed paper in the developer and watching the image slowly appear. And even after doing this for thousands of times, it’s still a magic moment for him. Edwin discovered the magic of photography when he was about 13 years old. After graduating with a Fine Arts – Photography degree, he has continued to practice and refine his craft. Since the mid 1990s, he has shown and sold his work at art fairs and online. Learn more about him on his Web site, EMH Photo.

The cover of Jarrod Ranney's book - Visual Poetry.

The cover of Jarrod Ranney’s book – Visual Poetry.

Jarrod Ranney finds the visual poetry associated with daily suburban life and brings it to life through his oil paintings. He enjoys slowing down to appreciate the busy, everyday world, and painting surroundings that many people would not naturally notice. In fact, scenes from his commute are often inspiration for his oil paintings. Jarrod chooses to work in oil paints as he can achieve a more effective and natural texture for his landscapes. In keeping with his concept of the “visual poetry of everyday life,” Jarrod published a book, Visual Poetry: Oil Paintings from Each Season, in 2012. All of the paintings in the book are originals and were painted in one sitting or “alla prima,” a style of painting that he says forces him to work quickly and complete a painting while it is still wet. Says Jarrod of his book, “Most art allows us to escape from our lives while dreaming that the grass is greener on the other side. The work I present here tries to explore the boundaries within our own fences.” Jarrod attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia and his work has gained recognition and awards, to include the Rehoboth Art League’s 2010 Emerging Artist Award. Jarrod participates in outdoor shows and sells his work online – to include original oil paintings, prints, books, and notecards. He also does commissioned work. Learn more about Jarrod and his art on his Web site.

Irises  - silk crepe de chine by Aileen Horn

Irises – silk crepe de chine by Aileen Horn

Aileen Horn is an artist and architect living and working in Maryland. She specializes in design for the hospitality industry and has focused on integrating the principles of sustainable design into hotels in both new and historic structures. Happy to make big sloppy messes, she has silk screened posters, constructed costumes, painted sets, canvases and paper, drawn whatever is handy, molded paper, formed castles, animated circuses and and, for nine years, convinced 1st-6th graders to do at least as much along with her. Aileen’s work has been shown and recognized locally, and is held in collections at home and abroad. In 2006, during an Arts Weekend in New York, Aileen experienced the ethereal movement of dye on silk, which became the catalyst for her continuing work in silk. Learn more about her on her Web site:

Susan Macintire with her art during 2013 Outdoor Show

Susan Macintire at her art booth during the 2013 Outdoor Show

Susan Macintire paints in oils and uses a palette knife to capture textures found in her favorite subject to paint – nature. She has especially always loved the natural surroundings of lower Delaware. Susan jokes that people often call her the “turtle lady” as she is well known for her vibrant and colorful paintings of turtles. She is a member of the Rehoboth and Millsboro Art Leagues, as well as the Mispillion Art League in Milford. She is also a member of the Fort Myers Beach Art Gallery in Florida where she exhibits her work. Susan participated in RAL’s Outdoor Show and she will be the showcased artist at Independence Community in Millsboro in September 2013 during their Arts & Crafts Show. You can connect with Susan via her business Facebook page “Susie’s Art” or e-mail her at

Diane Keesee with some of her beautiful silk painting at the 2013 Outdoor Show

Diane Keesee with some of her beautiful silk painting at the 2013 Outdoor Show

Diane Keesee’s love of hand-painting on silk was literally born in her dreams. It began as a repetitive dream where she saw designs in her mind. With a background in fine art and commercial photography, Diane wasn’t familiar with silk painting until she took a workshop in Newark and was hooked. Since 1996, she’s enjoyed creating one-of-a-kind designs on silk. Her designs, which are often botanical, begin as she draws lines free-hand with a squeeze bottle. Then the full design develops through several layers of color. Diane has studied silk painting with Broadway costume designer and fashion artist Sissi Siska, silk painter and author Susan Moyer and designer Jo Hill. She’s participated in workshops in New York and California and continues to hone her craft. She exhibits her work at art shows and festivals, to include the International Silk Painters Exhibit in NJ, the Rehoboth Art League, and on the Wilmington Art Loop. You can contact Diane by e-mail at

"Marblehead Yacht Club," by Ronald Lightcap

“Marblehead Yacht Club,” by Ronald Lightcap

Ronald Lightcap enjoys the thrill and challenge of capturing the often overlooked beautiful moments of ordinary life and portraying these moments on canvas. From a cypress swamp in autumn to man’s best friend fishing with his buddy, “such grace and beauty in all forms deserves recognition,” he says. Ronald hopes that as viewers explore his work they find that beauty takes many forms and is undeniable, even in the most ordinary of subjects. Much of his work on canvas is from life’s early memories and local areas of interest. Ronald developed an interest in art as a child and attended Delaware Art Museum’s Children’s Program on Saturday mornings. After graduating from art school he put down his brush and pursued a career in banking. But after retiring to Delaware in 2000, he returned to his childhood hobby. He is a member of several art leagues (including RAL) and his recent work is displayed at both the Millsboro and Rehoboth Art Leagues. See more of his work on his Web site: or his page via Fine Art America. You can reach him by email at


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