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Get To Know the Artists & Artisans

Prior to our recent Outdoor Show, we started featuring the participating artists & artisans here in the blog. Although the Show is over, we’ll continue introducing you to our member artists and artisans and also encourage you to visit their Web sites and learn where they will be next exhibiting their work. Each of the artists/artisans featured in this post participated in the 2013 RAL Outdoor Show.

John Schisler’s style is classical realism. In keeping with the tradition of the old masters such as Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt, he learned to use (& makes his own) black oil that is then used to make medium, as well as oil paint, by mixing it with powdered pigments. The advantage of this medium is the ability to obtain the unique qualities of color, shadow, and brilliance found in the works of these masters. John began painting at age 17 at the Conrad Miller Studio in Fells Point, MD where he studied the use of the Maroger Mediums and techniques of the Dutch Masters. In early 2011, he began to pursue a full-time career in art and has won numerous awards, to include “Best in Show” at the Rehoboth Art League’s 75th Members’ Fine Art Exhibition He also teaches traditional painting techniques at his studio in Georgetown, DE. See an example of his work featured below and learn more about John and his art on his Web site:

"Peeled Orange," by John Schisler

“Peeled Orange,” by John Schisler

Alan Dehmer has a passion for producing fine art gum bichromate photographic prints. A finished gum bichromate print happens slowly, a layer at a time. It is a photograph image created with techniques from the 19th century and may take weeks or even a year before it feels “done.” Once finished, the original photograph, which captured a moment in time, becomes layered, not only in pigments, but also in a new kind of time that has an archetypal quality, like something of an old memory or dream. A new image is born and there is an ethereal quality to the finished print. “For me, brushing sensitizer and pigment onto artist’s paper and making images that hold truth and beauty is one way I manifest the energy of creation in my life….I don’t think there is a higher purpose in life than to create,” says Alan. He is also especially drawn to images of water, as well as the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi that explores the beauty in decay and impermanence. Over the years he has worked as a photojournalist, theater photographer, and educator. It was his work as a writer with a human and civil rights organization that jump-started his life in photography. In 2011, Alan self-published a limited edition hand-printed book entitled, Place, Impermanence, Memory: Gum Bichromate Photography. An example of his work is featured below and you can learn more about Alan and see more of his work on his Web site:

"Manteo," by Alan Dehmer - gum bichromate photographic print

“Manteo,” by Alan Dehmer – gum bichromate photographic print

Bob Bauers combines traditional and modern methods to create metal pieces ranging from graceful to whimsical, challenging, and unique that stimulate and make a statement. He offers an eclectic collection of metal sculptures, garden pieces, furnishings, copper and steel wall hangings, custom creations, and more. Bob’s sculptures have ranged from table top forms to a 10-foot piece at the Chester County, PA, Art Center and his wide variety of custom work includes pieces such as a two-dimensional tree that supports shelves. Bob’s interest in metal work is rooted in his lifelong admiration of the outstanding traditional blacksmith’s work in and around his native city of Philadelphia. There he found many inspiring examples of work by the late Samuel Yellin and other artist blacksmiths. It was these 19th and early 20th century artists who inspired Bob to learn about metal work. In 1998 he turned his hobby into a business and continually strives to learn more. An example of Bob’s work is featured below and you can see more of his work on his Web site:

"Windy," garden sculpture by Bob Bauers Metalworks

“Windy,” garden sculpture by Bob Bauers Metalworks

John Cooley creates functional ceramic pieces featuring whimsical hand-modeled creatures of all kinds. From serving trays or soap dishes, to bird baths, tables, and totem poles, he specializes in home and garden decor and is happy to do customized pieces. Most important to John is capturing a gesture, likeness, or mood with as little manipulation of the clay as possible. The colorful creatures featured in his work are modeled from small balls of clay using his fingers and a single needle. The larger creatures are formed from a balloon armature. After bisque firing, the pieces are hand painted with stains, glazed and fired. John has been fascinated with observing and drawing animals for as long as he can remember. In college he thought he wanted to be a cartoonist. He took figure classes and then transformed the gesture sketches into anthropomorphic cartoon animals. He then discovered his passion for sculpture and clay and took classes in ceramic hand-building techniques. When someone wanted to purchase a bread tray with a lounging hippopotamus or a vase with a dancing giraffe – John’s business was born! A full-time art educator and resident of Rehoboth, he shows and sells his work in local shops and craft fairs. An example of John’s work is shown below and you can see more on his Web site:

Bird bath by John Cooley

Bird bath with tigers by John Cooley

Anna Biggs prides herself on hand carving each sculptural element in all of her jewelry. Whether a gold link or a silver earring, all the elements in her work are her original design and sculpture. Influenced by nature and architecture, as well as her many travels, Anna likes to combine the texture of her sculptures with the smooth luxury of stones and pearls to make jewelry that is classic with a twist ~ as easily worn with jeans and a t-shirt as with a little black dress. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as, The Fashion Institute of Technology. Her Moon & Stars earrings are featured below and you can see more of Anna’s work on her Web site:

Moon & Stars Earrings by Anna Biggs

Moon & Stars Earrings by Anna Biggs

Jeff Watson makes pots of stoneware or porcelain that are functional, usually thrown on the wheel and sometimes altered. He most enjoys the process of forming the pot with his hands. Jeff tends to like simple glazes and fires pots in a gas-fired kiln. For the past several years he’s been firing pots in a salt kiln, a process dating back to 15th century Germany when potters discovered that throwing common salt in the kiln at high temperatures caused a chemical reaction with the clay and formed an attractive natural glaze. Jeff learned how to throw pots in the late 1970s at the Undertaking Artists Cooperative in Occoquan, VA where he became a member and had a studio in the early 1980s. After leaving his craft to go back to school for advanced studies, he returned to work with clay again in the mid-1990s. Jeff now has a studio in his home and sells his work at craft shows, the Rehoboth Art League (including the RAL Outdoor Show), the Stepping Stone, in Lewes, DE, and Terasol Gallery and Café in Washington, DC. An example of his work is shown below and you can learn more about Jeff on his page via Delaware By Hand.

Pottery by Jeff Watson

Pottery by Jeff Watson

Teri Causey’s specialty is acrylic painting on wood panel. Her work is nautical in nature and designed to create color and serenity. She says her art is a reflection of the environment she loves and is about and for people who live near or have a relationship with the water. After painting each piece, she coats it with a marine varnish so it is suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Teri’s work is detailed, incorporating movement, form, shape, color, texture, and a whimsical mixed media construction that tells a story. She paints almost exclusively on wood which she says helps her portray a vintage feel that comes through in the final sanding process as the piece’s final layers of paint are revealed. Teri’s love of art was nurtured by her family and community in the Mississippi Delta area where she grew up. She embraced color, harmony, and design when working in interior design and after moving to Florida in 1987, fell in love with the wildlife, tropical foilage, and the warm people of the area. Her paintings, originally on furniture custom-built by her husband, often mimic her everyday experiences of coastal living. Teri’s exhibits her work at numerous festivals and in galleries. An example of her mixed media work is shown below and you can see more of her work on her Web site:

"Market Price," mixed media by Teri Causey

“Market Price,” mixed media by Teri Causey

Gail Powell finds her subjects in nature and uses vivid colors of oils, watercolors, and pastels to capture them on canvas. A landscape or a single subject will catch her emotions and arouse a feeling of awe within her. Her goal is always to convey to the viewer the same sense of awe that originally inspired her. She continually seeks subjects of color and form in nature to express through her art and says that when she paints she “explores the visual, the emotional, and the sense of place.” Gail has lived in many different places and in each location she falls in love with views, trees, and certain colors in the sky. When she moves on to the next location, she misses those aspects of her previous home just as she misses the friends left behind. Gail feels especially grateful for her childhood teacher who introduced her to a world of artists and their varying perspectives of the world. Whether studying, practicing, or teaching art – Gail considers art to be the most important part of her life. She participates in competitions, exhibits her work at shows and galleries, and teaches. An example of her work is shown below and you can see more of her work on her Web site:

"Crown Valley," by Gail Powell

“Crown Valley,” by Gail Powell

Carol Gray is a plein air oil painter. Painting on location in the landscape enables her to capture the color of nature’s forms with her brush onto the rich texture of linen. Whether it is the sparkling illumination of the sun, a serene garden path, or the beauty of the water’s edge, she emphasizes the qualities of the scene before her and hopes her viewers share the same joyful experience. Her formal education includes studies at the Brooklyn Art Museum in NY, Skidmore College in NY, and an MFA specializing in oil painting and printmaking from the University of Delaware. She taught landscape painting and drawing at the college level and privately for years and now concentrates on painting in her garden and on the Atlantic seaboard. Her work has been included in numerous juried exhibitions and she’s been invited to have solo exhibits in MD and PA. An example of her work is included below and you can see more of her work and her event schedule on her Web site:

"Hosta Garden," by Carol Gray

“Hosta Garden,” by Carol Gray

Pat Vojtech has a passion for photography and a love for the tidewater land of Maryland’s Eastern Shore with its saltwater marshes, great expanses of water, and woodlands teeming with wildlife. She specializes in large canvas triptychs of the beach, lighthouses, boats, and wildlife that stretch 4 or 5 feet. Pat creates her own works, photographing, printing, and stretching or framing the pictures herself. Her desire to capture, both in pictures and words, the moody, tranquil beauty of the Chesapeake Bay led her to embark on a project in 1990 to document the area’s dynamic and disappearing living history. Her books, Lighting the Bay: Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses and Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks and Chesapeake Wildlife: Stories of Survival and Loss, celebrate her passion for this beautiful region. Pat’s passion for photography began when at age 15 she found and fixed a broken camera so she could capture what she saw around her on the banks of the Corsica River where she lived. Her work has appeared in numerous national and regional publications and her photography has appeared on calendar, book, and video covers. Pat sells her photography at regional art shows and festivals and has received numerous awards for her journalism, both writing and photography, from the Maryland/Delaware/DC Press Association, beginning at age 16. She has also twice received the Maryland School Bell Award for Journalism. You can contact Pat via email at

Lighting the Bay: Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses - a book by Pat Vojtech

Lighting the Bay: Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses – a book by Pat Vojtech


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