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Meet More of the Artists/Artisans of the 2013 Outdoor Show

Weekend 2 of the 2013 Outdoor Show is almost here! We hope you will be joining us for more incredible art! Plus we’ll continue with more musical performances, face painting for the kids, great food, and art/craft demonstrations. Here on the blog, we’ve been introducing you to the artists and artisans who are participating in this year’s show, so don’t forget to check previous posts. This weekend you have a chance to win a $50 RAL gift certificate for yourself and for your favorite Outdoor Show artist by participating in our Instagram contest. It’s easy and fun, so if you aren’t on Instagram yet – the contest is a great incentive! Now let’s get to know more artists/artisans! (For a FULL listing of the artists/artisans, their specialties, booth number, and a map – click HERE.) 

Kim Klabe is an oil painter who focuses on familiar local sights, such as quaint cottages, aging farmhouses, and beach homes that capture the essence of Sussex County in days gone by. Though her fine art hangs in private homes and in galleries, you will also find her mural work on the walls of a local beach-town restaurant or see her elaborate face paintings on children at a local festival. After graduating from the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in York, PA, Kim worked for several years as a graphic artist and practiced her fine art in her “spare time.” She eventually returned to formal study and achieved her B.A. with a concentration in Painting. She now works on her art in her home studio. In addition to sharing her love of art with her own two children, Kim volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware – Sussex County and is a Big Sister to a young girl who happens to LOVE art. She also serves as the education director for the Rehoboth Art League and teaches privately. Her artwork is featured below, and you can see much more of her art at her booth during Weekend 2 of the Outdoor Show and on her Web site:

"Ends of the Earth," by Kim Klabe

“Ends of the Earth,” by Kim Klabe

David Kraft has a passion for still photography and for capturing the essence of America’s landscapes from the Atlantic beaches, through the Midwestern heartland, to the Southwestern deserts. He sees photography as a fine art that allows viewers to experience mood, escape to another place or time, and thereby achieve a unique appreciation for our world. The journey to his current business, ImageKraft Photography, took him from photography and writing to a successful marketing career and now back to photography. His love of photographic arts was nurtured in his high school art department in PA where he was the recipient of several awards from Scholastic magazine and was selected to attend the PA Governor’s School for the Arts. An apprenticeship with a local photographer helped David to not only master the technical aspects, but to develop his expressive style of capturing people and places in one moment of time. A selection of David’s work is featured below. See more of his work at his booth at the Outdoor Show and on his Web site:

Selections of David Kraft's  ImageKraft Photography

Selections of David Kraft’s ImageKraft Photography

Anne Hanna excels in many different modes of expression. First, there is the striking detail and vivid colors of her still-life florals. Next, savor the lighter, more subtle touches in her portraits and animal studies. Anne will also take you on a journey to absorb the stunning beauty of dramatic landscapes and scenes from her travels at home and abroad. Her versatility as an artist stems from a life devoted to interacting with others through her work. She has taught art for more than twenty years, has been the official portrait artist for the National Capital Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and promotes art appreciation in her Delaware seashore community. Anne is an award-winning artist, to include being named as the featured artist for the Rehoboth Art League’s 75th Anniversary Members’ Fine Art Show in 2013. “When someone tells me they have started to look at a flower differently, or more closely, or they have been moved emotionally because of my paintings, then I feel a deep satisfaction that I equate with success,” Anne says. Her artwork is featured below, and you can see much more at her booth at the Outdoor Show and on her Web site:

"Curiosity," by Anne Hanna

“Curiosity,” by Anne Hanna

Sarah Houde primarily makes functional stoneware, but continues to experiment with RAKU and primitive firings. Her most recent work includes pieces richly textured with shells, lace, leaves, and other found objects. Sarah began making pottery in 1978 while a senior marine biology major in college. As her interest in pottery grew so did the requests from friends to make teapots, lamps, and mugs. In graduate school Sarah bought a used wheel and kiln from an aspiring potter turned marine scientist, and though she completed her studies in 1985, the urge to make pots kept her from devoting her life to science. Since 1987 she has been entrenched in her waterfront studio making fish platters and other pottery to sell in galleries and at shows. With the exception of a break in 1989 to have a son, she has been potting full time since. Sarah’s work is featured below, and you can see more at her booth during the Outdoor Show and on her Web site:

Stoneware Flouder by Sarah Houde

Stoneware Flounder by Sarah Houde

Nick Serratore is inspired by his environment. After moving to Lewes, DE from PA, he was initially struck by the flat landscape, a first impression that was soon enhanced to include a remarkable palate of colors and textures, as well as an ever-changing pattern of lights and shadows. Nick primarily works in pastels as he likes their brilliance and immediacy. He finds the tactile experience of the medium and majesty of the setting transport him into a contemplative state. Nick often experiences a sad realization that much of the natural beauty he portrays in his art is endangered by the march of what some call progress. He strives to communicate that message and to inspire others to save our vanishing paradise. Nick has had multiple solo exhibitions and won numerous awards for his pastel landscapes. Included in his honors is a 2012 Individual Artist Fellowship Grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts for emerging Delaware artist. His work hangs in Senator Chris Coon’s office in Washington, DC and Senator Tom Carper’s office in Georgetown, DE. His artwork is featured below, and you can see more of Nick’s work at his booth during the Outdoor Show and on his Web site:

"Nocturne," by Nick Serratore

“Nocturne,” by Nick Serratore

Yan Dong Wang creates incredibly detailed works of art from recycled metal and other recycled materials. He believes that “nature and the arts can improve people’s souls” and tries to create artwork that helps the Earth and cleans the environment by using recycled materials. From the copper or shingles of an old church building, Yan might create gorgeous sculptures, ornaments, or earrings. In terms of designs, you’ll find everything from horseshoe crabs to herons to hummingbirds, to musical instruments and whimsical mice. Yan started creating art in the early 1970s and has been a full-time artisan since 1991. He participates in art shows and has received awards and honors, to include being named the Feature Artist of the 2012 Lewes Historical Society’s Summer Craft Fair. Standing near his booth you will hear patrons commenting about the amazing detail of his work, as well as how responsive he is to the special requests of his fans! If you want a particular type of animal, Yan is very likely to be able to make it for you. He’s happy to talk with visitors about the process involved in creating his art. A selection of Yan’s art is featured below and you can see much more of his work at the Outdoor Show. You can contact Yan by e-mail at:

Recycled Metal Artwork by Yan Dong Wang

Recycled Metal Artwork by Yan Dong Wang

 Kevin Fleming has covered the world as a photographer for National Geographic and has been named “America’s Best Observer” by Readers Digest. His assignments have taken him into war and famine in Somalia, to the Mediterranean for a re-creation of the voyage of Ulysses, and put him on a dogsled crossing the Canadian arctic. Kevin has worked in 28 countries photographing subjects as diverse as the sub-atomic world of high-energy physics and New Zealand sheep ranchers. A Delaware native, he began his career as a newspaper photographer and then spent a decade as a National Geographic photographer. His photography has won many national and international awards, and he has been inducted into Wesley College’s Hall of Fame and in 2007 was named the Distinguished Alumni of the Year. Most recently, Kevin has focused on creating books. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, he felt a renewed sense of urgency to finish his book on the people and places in America. Traveling by helicopter, horseback, hot air balloon, and kayaks to name a few modes of transportation, Kevin captured the heart and soul of America for his book, The Heart of America. He also published Wild Delmarva, Wild Delaware, and Landmarks and Legacies, a history book on the State of Delaware. His new book, The Beach, captures wildlife, nature, and the beauty of coastal Delaware and is available now for pre-orders. Kevin’s work is featured below, and you can see much more at the Outdoor Show and by visiting his Web sites: and

Cape Henlopen Towers with Waves (textured) by Kevin Fleming

Cape Henlopen Towers with Waves (textured) by Kevin Fleming

Tara Funk Grim considers herself to be an explorer, inventor, and discoverer. Her studio works are landscapes of her memories and experiences. She refers to them as “daytime dreams that reflect the secrets of my soul.” In contrast, her plein air paintings force her to stop dreaming and take part in reality where she feels she dances with the air and light. Tara loves the journey and not knowing where it will lead and says that the questions “what if?” and “why not?” always echo in her mind. She exhibits in many solo and group exhibitions, regularly competes in plein air competitions, and her work is held in public and private collections in Europe and the U.S. Tara teaches many art workshops and has taken numerous groups to Europe to study. She is also a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society. Tara’s artwork is featured below, and you can see much more of her art at her booth during the Outdoor Show and on her Web site:

"Beach Birds," by Tara Funk Grim

“Beach Birds,” by Tara Funk Grim

Robert Weston creates images stimulated by discovered movement in the wood grain of his veneer collection, much like imagining objects in cloud formations. He then completes the piece with innovative wood framing and complimentary wood veneer matting. His collection of work includes landscapes, seascapes, abstract images, and even fantasy works. Prior to retiring to Delaware and pursuing his current art, Robert enjoyed a 30-year career in residential cabinetmaking (another form of art!) in NJ and NY. His expertise and avocation coincide in the craft of wood veneering. He says, “Finally I can play, create, and indulge in making anything I like on any given day.” Robert’s artwork is featured below, and you can see much more at his booth during the Outdoor Show and on his Web site:

"Nebula," by Robert Weston

“Nebula,” by Robert Weston

Damon Pla is a largely self-taught artist who creates timeless murals, large paintings, and limited edition reproductions for his collectors. In his paintings, he explores landscapes and surreal compositions. “To quietly converse with the viewer through my work, provoking thought and meditation, is my passion,” Damon says. His artwork exposes his obsession for late afternoon light and the subtlety of both cool and warm ambient spaces. Acrylic is his preferred medium as the fast-drying properties allow him to quickly work over recent layers as he continues to shape the energy of the painting. Adding water to his wet palette enables him to apply new thinned layers and produce transparent glazes that result in a luminous glow. Originally from Florida, Damon was drawn to art at an early age. His advanced drawing and painting skills led him to pursue commercial and private commissions soon after high school graduation and after after a decade of large scale projects, he moved to Delaware to absorb a different landscape. Damon’s artwork, “Old Man and the Must See,” was recently selected as the art theme for the 2013 Rehoboth Beach Film Festival. His artwork was also selected for this honor in 2011. An example of Damon’s mural work is featured below, and you can see more of his art at his booth during the Outdoor Show and on his Web site:

Humpback Whale Mural at Shooters Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL ~ by Damon Pla

Humpback Whale Mural at Shooters Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, FL ~ by Damon Pla

Michael Quattrociocchi is an award-winning wood craft artisan. His goal in his artwork is to create a piece that shows the true beauty of the natural wood, while providing a practical functional use. From exquisite jewelry boxes to a painter’s supply box, cabinets, writing desks, and much more, each item is handcrafted and unique. For Michael, cutting each piece of wood is “like looking for treasure, not knowing what I will find.” He refers to many of his designs as “Mission Japanese” and is greatly influenced by Mission Arts and Crafts style which focuses on the beauty of the wood grain rather than ornate carvings. His handles and adornments tend to be natural wood with gentle curves showing the influence of Japanese design. Michael started working with wood when he was 9 years old in a shop shared by his father and uncles in Rome, NY. He learned much of the basics of woodworking from his father and refined his craft through independent study. He recently retired from his career with Lockheed Martin to devote his time to woodworking. He exhibits at juried shows throughout the Northeast, has exhibited at the Biggs Museum of American Art, and has rotating items available at the Rehoboth Art League. Michael’s work has received awards and honors, to include the Juror’s Excellence Award at the RAL’s 39th Annual Members’ Fine Craft Exhibition. His work is featured below, and you can see more of his artwork at his booth during the Outdoor Show and on his Web site:

Painter's Box by Michael Quattrociocchi

Painter’s Box by Michael Quattrociocchi


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