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Continue Meeting the 2013 Outdoor Show Artists/Artisans

The first weekend of the Outdoor Show was a BIG success! The weather was good to us and art lovers of all ages came out to enjoy a favorite annual art event! With the extra enjoyment of music, face painting, great food, and more ~ there was activity, color, and creativity in every nook and cranny! We are continuing to feature the artists/artisans participating in the Show here on the blog. Don’t forget to come back to the show this weekend (Aug. 17-18) for lots more artistry! Also, please participate on Sunday in our Instagram contest to win a $50 gift certificate for yourself and for your favorite artist. Details HERE.

Dolores M. Andrew wears many hats, including artist, designer, instructor, & more! As an artist, she works in a variety of media, including pen and ink, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and scratchboard. A realist with a crisp, understated representational style, Dolores’ work is detailed and precise, without feeling rigid. Her more loosely drawn line work in pen and ink shows her interest in the character and mood created by economy of line. Her work is represented in public and private collections throughout the United States. As a designer, Dolores works in the embroidery media, but favors the surface techniques — crewel, pulled thread, and silk. Often her designs appear to be translations of her fine art, but she has also been influenced by her graduate study in Italian Renaissance embroidery and by research in lesser known media such as Casalguidi and whitework. Dolores has taught fine arts and needlework at the college level, privately, and has conducted many workshops. She actively judges and lectures in the fine arts and needle arts fields. Her awards and honors include a 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Needlearts. Dolores chaired and led the RAL Outdoor Show for 16 years and is one of two artists who has consistently shown for 40 years. See an example of her work below, visit her booth at the Show, and see more of her work on her Web site at:

"Boardwalkers," by Dolores Andrew

“Boardwalkers,” by Dolores Andrew

Norm Dubin puts a uniquely creative spin on his photographic art. He has a talent for finding geometric patterns and relationships within form and texture. While some of his works are straight photographic images, much of his work involves post camera digital enhancements and modifications. Recent work combines related photographs in multiple images or collages. The final product is representational or abstract. Norm was reborn as a photographic artist in 2006 when he started exhibiting at fairs and galleries. He continues to explore the medium to discover more about who he is as an artist. He has exhibited widely in the Baltimore areas, as well as Delaware and Michigan. Norm says on his site that, “in a parallel universe – he is a medical researcher.” An example of Norm’s creative photography is featured below. See more of his work at the Outdoor Show and on his Web site at:

"Chincoteague Sunset," by Norm Dubin

“Chincoteague Sunset,” by Norm Dubin

Leah Van Rees is known for her vivid and heightened portrayals of nature through her art. Using bright colors and a unique technique, she translates the physical world around her by exaggerating small details of landscapes and seascapes. She is inspired by the configuration of the natural and wants to illuminate often-disregarded elements through the medium of oil paints and glazing and using intricate pattern, variety of brushstroke, opacity of paint, and vivid colors. She works with glazes, transparencies, opacities, and consistencies, creating variety by contrast emulating that of the natural world. Leah’s love for art and the outdoors began when she was very young as she painted on a dock behind her house. She received her Fine Arts degree from the University of Delaware and has received several awards, to include the Rehoboth Art League’s Lucille McGee Award. She exhibits her work at solo and group shows and her work has been published in Studio Visit magazine. An example of her work is shown below. Learn more on her Web site at: www,

painting by Leah Van Rees of trees

Beautiful painting by Leah Van Rees, finished just in time for the Outdoor Show!

Carmela Coleman is a wonderful example of the healing power of art. After a serious accident in the mid-1990s, she found a pottery class given by Amie Sloan at the Academy of Lifelong Learning provided emotional refuge while she recuperated. After many years of growing her career in real estate, that pottery class was the start of a new career and a new outlook on life for Carmela. Soon after the class, she bought a kiln, turned her garage into a studio, and converted her real estate office into a gallery! Now she varies her work between handbuilding, with a flair toward whimsical pieces, and throwing, usually functional pieces. The functional work she does is always altered in some way, either using additions, subtractions, or by coaxing the clay to an abstract form. Don’t be surprised to find a ceramic frog inside a beautiful mug created by Carmela! She especially enjoys incorporating natural elements into her art to enhance the theme of nature – such as wood, stone, glass, driftwood, antlers, reeds, and more of Mother Nature’s boundless treasures. She welcomes customers to her home gallery and studio by appointment, and displays her work at the Rehoboth Art League and at various shows. See an example of her work featured below and visit her booth at the Outdoor Show. See more of her work and contact info on her page with Delaware By Hand.

Pottery by Carmela Coleman

Pottery by Carmela Coleman

Robert R. Lott has a unique eye for beauty – even when looking at urban decay and is able to portray it vividly with his creative style of photography. After working for 43 years as an engineer at DuPont, he now directs his creative energy toward nature, landscape, and urban decay photography, focusing on the eastern U.S., with occasional trips out West. Robert seeks out scenes that allow creation of a conversation among light, color, and texture to show both the beauty as well as mystery in the environment around us. He frequently utilizes multiple-image techniques to capture the full dynamic range and depth of a scene as observed by the human eye. Primarily a self-taught photographer, Robert’s work has appeared in several publications, to include the Philly Creative Guide and the March 2011 DE Art on the Town Magazine. His work is shown at regional locations, as well as the prestigious Immaculata Art Show. Robert also participates in outdoor shows in PA and DE, teaches HDR photography in PA, and does volunteer photography for the Delmarva Red Cross Chapter. An example of his work is shown below and you can see more on his Web site at:

Award-winning photo by Robert Lott

Award-winning photo by Robert Lott

Margaret Beacham captures the endless beauty and tranquility of coastal living from the island of Nantucket to the Delmarva Peninsula. Her paintings are unique moments in time, artfully using color, light and shadow. Margaret formally studied design and art, and has supplemented her formal training with specific studies in oil and watercolor. She is a life-time member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society and also a member of The Miniature Painters, Sculptors, & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C., RAL, and The Nantucket Artist Association. Her work hangs in both private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. An example of her work is featured below. See more of her work at the Outdoor Show and on her Web site at:

Sailor's Delight by Margaret Beacham

“Sailor’s Delight,” by Margaret Beacham

Patricia Tolton creates an arts and crafts style of pottery handed down to her from her ancestors who were potters that came to the U.S. from England. With a degree in horticulture and having owned her own landscaping business for 20 years, it’s no surprise that nature is her favorite subject to feature in her craft. Accustomed to seeing her natural environment very close-up, Patricia desires to share that intimate connection with nature through her art. Her impressive variety of designs includes everything from dragonflies to Pufferfish, to trees, birds, horseshoe crabs, and many other beautiful designs featured in earthy, vivid colors of pottery. Patricia began doing pottery in the early 1990s after taking courses at Moravian Pottery and Tileworks in Doylestown, PA. She enjoys showing her work at fine art shows and festivals. See more of Patricia’s work featured below and visit her booth at the Outdoor Show. To contact Patricia, e-mail her at

Patricia Tolton poses with her pottery at the Outdoor Show

Patricia Tolton with her pottery at the 2013 Outdoor Show. Photo credit, Cindi Saadi

Dr. Edgar “Ted” Miller describes his artistic style/purpose as, “capturing the subject’s personality is my goal.” Ted is an amateur Nature Photographer residing in Ocean View, DE. Birds are a favorite subject for Ted and from Snowy Egrets to graceful Avocets, his bird photographs have won numerous awards. Ted fell in love with all things outdoors in the 1950’s when he joined his mother on her many birding trips where she taught him to identify numerous species inhabiting the woods and fields. His passion for nature grew through his 12 years of scouting where he earned his Eagle rank and served as Nature Counselor at Scout camps in Florida in the 1960’s. His photographic skills were developed at the University of Florida’s Poultry Science Department where he served as the “unofficial” photographer while pursuing his Ph.D. in avian nutrition and physiology. See an example of his work featured below and visit him at the Outdoor Show. See more of his work on his Web site at:

Award-winning Egret reflection photo by Ted Miller

Award-winning Egret photo by Ted Miller

Nina Spencer is a multi-talented, self-taught artist, best known for her acrylic paintings on tiles. Born in Louisana, she portrays scenes of everyday life, often using mixed media, and is now venturing into more abstract compositions. Nina’s parents both contributed to her style – from her father’s spiritual influences as a pastor to her mother’s lyrical voice that inspired movement and color. Collectors of her work find the vivid color and reflections (often from a child’s perspective) to be delightful. Most recently Nina’s work was selected for a licensing agreement with General Mils, Inc. and will be featured on various baking products. Her art has won numerous awards, including a Delaware Division of the Arts Folk Art Fellowship in 2010. Her tiles are on display in Vice President Joe Biden’s residence in Washington, D.C., as well as in corporate and educational settings. Her art has been featured on the cover of Delmarva Quarterly and in numerous other publications. Nina is also a recognized writer and singer/songwriter. See examples of her work featured below and visit her booth at the Outdoor Show. See more of her work on her Web page via ImageKind.

(L) "A Day on the Bayou," and (R) "Creation," by Nina Spencer

(L) “A Day on the Bayou,” and (R) “Creation,” by Nina Spencer

Vincent Hughes attempts to capture the unique light and texture of a particular moment in remote locations. Painting en plein air is not just a visual experience. All the senses take in the scene: fragrant vegetation; a warm breeze; the chatter of birds and buzzing insects; a distant foghorn, or the rising tide lapping at one’s feet. Vincent’s hope is that these sensations find their way into each of his paintings. After receiving his Fine Arts degree, Vincent put aside fine art to pursue a career as an art director. Living in Rome in the 90’s, he was inspired to paint once again, and now creates landscapes and figurative works in watercolor, oil, and encaustic. His artwork has been exhibited in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Delaware. See an example of his work featured below and visit his booth at the Outdoor Show. See more of his art on his Web site at:

"Tuscan Landscape," by Vincent Hughes

“Tuscan Landscape,” by Vincent Hughes



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