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More 2013 Outdoor Show Previews ~ Meet the artists/artisans!

With the Outdoor Show just hours away from starting (Aug 10-11 & 17-18), we will continue to introduce you to more of the participating artists & artisans here on the blog. Please note that some of the artists may only be participating for one weekend. Click HERE for a map and listings of the artists, booth numbers, and weekend availability. Please check out the previous posts here for more artist snapshots. Now let’s get to the art!

Mollie Vardell says painting for her is a journey that takes her out of her everyday world and absorbs her completely. A fantastic sky, the light on a field, interesting shadow patterns, or an idyllic reflection on water, are what propel her to paint. She paints in oil because of the richness of the color, its density, and its ability to add texture and depth to her work. With each new painting Mollie strives for new discoveries and feels it is her job as an artist to slow down, observe, and to always be searching for ways to bring the beauty to the surface of her paintings. **Please note Mollie will only be exhibiting at the Outdoor Show during Weekend 1 (Aug. 10-11). See more of Mollie’s work on her site at:

painting of Medici Fountain by Mollie Vardell

“Medici Fountain,” by Mollie Vardell

Cassie Taggart is fascinated by the idea of multiple truths, and wants them to thrive in her paintings as they do in life. Her art layers humor with tragedy, depravity with purity, and the mundane with the mysterious. She feels there is a line straddled between dream and reality, and that for every perspective there is a different truth. Cassie was raised in New York City and says her childhood tended toward odd artistic pursuits to include carving tiny flying saucers and sewing a thousand tiny pillows. She received her Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and also studied painting Italy and New Hampshire. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries on the East Coast and is also represented in California. Honors include having her work featured on the cover of the Capitol Hill Rag and being featured in the 2011 book, 100 Artists of the Mid Atlantic. ***Please note that Cassie will only be exhibiting at the Outdoor Show for Weekend 1. For more about Cassie and her work, visit her Web site:

Painting titled, "Joy," by Cassie Taggart

“Joy,” by Cassie Taggart

Rae Hamilton chooses subjects that provide him with a sense of peace. He works almost exclusively in oil paints and strives in his paintings to give an accurate representation of the beauty in nature, whether the subject is a landscape, a flower, or a person. Rae finds that the way to capture that beauty is through the careful observation of the effects of light on any given subject. While he began painting in the Impressionist style, he feels his work has become more realistic with more experience. Rae received his formal art training at American University and feels he owes a debt of gratitude to the Impressionist and pre-Impressionist masters whose work he has studied. He has received numerous awards for his work (including RAL’s Col. W. S. Corkran Award in 2010) and has been juried into some of the more prestigious art festivals on the East Coast. See more of his work on his Web site at:

"Break in the Clouds," by Rae Hamilton

“Break in the Clouds,” by Rae Hamilton

Stephen Brehm developed a deep appreciation for landscapes and seascapes and the relationship humans have with these natural settings. An inspirational setting is key to his creation process. With Stephen’s art, the goal is to capture light and the vibration between two colors while building the painting surface with loose, vibrant brushwork. He received his Fine Arts degree in painting and figure drawing and has been influenced by artists such as Edward Hopper and Wayne Thiebaud, who he feels capture a gesture or objects with simple yet lively brush strokes. His work has been featured in magazines and he has received numerous awards for his paintings which are featured in galleries, private homes, businesses, and exhibited at outdoor shows. See more of his work on his Web site at:

"The Morning Run," by Stephen Brehm

“The Morning Run,” by Stephen Brehm

Ramona Maziarz is a pen and ink artist who likes to ink the “tangle of life” and works the old-fashioned way with an ink well and a metal tip pen. Ramona enjoys discovering the order beneath the apparent chaos of life and how the lives of flowers, insects, and creatures are entwined. She learned her current technique by observing nature and watching life as it grows and lives and finds ink to be the perfect vehicle for her to engage color to fine detail. And she LOVES detail! Ramona endeavors to find and explore the small things, lost in this busy world, and to bring tiny creature and small bits of life forward so we may know them intimately. She has exhibited her artwork at museums and galleries, as well as at outdoor festivals on the East Coast. Ramona often hears from people that the colors made them look at her work, but the details drew them in closer – see what you think at her booth during the Outdoor Show! See more of Ramona’s work on her Web site at:

"Jack in the Pulpit & Dragonflies," by Ramona Maziarz

“Jack in the Pulpit & Dragonflies,” by Ramona Maziarz

Jan Crooker looks for the brightest intersection of color and light. It is the moment when the color is the most intense that she feels closest to the pure, childlike joy of color. Jan paints in both acrylic and oil paints and lets the color and light determine if she works in plein air or in the studio. Jan’s love of drawing began as a child during Saturday classes at the Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art. She earned her Fine Arts degree from Penn State University, has exhibited nationwide, and has received many awards, to include RAL’s Thomas McFarland Skulley Outstanding Painting Award in 2009. See more of her work on her Web site at:

"Atlantic Avenue Sunrise," by Jan Crooker

“Atlantic Avenue Sunrise,” by Jan Crooker

Betsey VonDreele manipulates small strips of fabric, natural materials, and found objects into award winning collages, recreating landscapes and moods of the coastal shores of the Northeast U.S. where she grew up, to the Delaware shore where she now lives. Her work crosses the line of craft into the world of landscape art and viewed from a distance is often mistaken for painting. Betsey credits her mother for the basics of “handwork” and her father for the love of art and the sea, and a “designing eye.” Though Betsey’s professional work has included interior design, her hobbies center around textiles – sewing, weaving, embroidery, silk-screens, and quilts. Betsey has exhibited her work in galleries, fine craft shows, and in the U.S. Senate office of Sen. Tom Carper. See more of her work on her Web page via Delaware By Hand.

Fiber Art by Betsey VonDreele

Fiber Art by Betsey VonDreele

Jim Rehak shares his outdoor experience through his interpretation of the landscape and uses light as the key element in his paintings. He is inspired by the Impressionists and their contemporaries who demonstrate a powerful sense of light. Jim’s love of plein air painting takes him to farms, marshes, rivers, and bays to capture the seasonal changes of the Delmarva Penninsula. What began at an early age as an interest in comic book illustration developed into an affinity for oil painting when he was studying for his Fine Arts degree. Art has always been his chosen vocation and has ranged from doing portrait and caricature art in Ocean City to teaching and doing freelance court illustration. He has shown his work and won awards in Maryland and Delaware, to include RAL’s “Best in Show” award. See more of Jim’s work on sites such as:  Anita Peghini-Raber Gallery and Yellow Barn Studio

"Henlopen Wave," oil painting by Jim Rehak

“Henlopen Wave,” by Jim Rehak


Karen Trimble enjoys dual passions of painting and dancing. She says, “Dancing is the song of life and painting is the record.” She says the lush, vibrant color and juicy brush strokes folding around a form capture her imagination. A ballroom dancer & teacher for over 30 years, she draws the analogies between dancing ~ making art with movement and music and painting ~ creating art with brushes and paint. She says, “There is movement and stillness, the play of light and shade, lyric story-telling, color and music. The viewer is the choreographer creating the content.” See more of Karen’s work on her Web site at:

"La Flamenquera," by Karen Trimble

“La Flamenquera,” by Karen Trimble

Matt Storey caught the bug for working in clay when living in Ojai, California. He won a series of lessons at a local pottery studio during a charity auction and the rest is history! He has since studied at Firehouse Pottery Clay School, as well as attended numerous workshops. He now has a comfortable studio attached to his home in Long Neck, DE where he invites people to schedule an appointment and come to visit. See more of Matt’s work on his Web site at:

pottery sculpture of a woman by Matt Storey

Sculpture by Matt Storey


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