Artists / Outdoor Show 2013

Catch these artists/artisans during Weekend 1 of the 2013 Outdoor Show

Thankfully there are two weekends filled with the RAL 2013 Outdoor Show (Aug. 10-11 & 17-18). Many of us will need multiple days to soak in all the beauty and creativity filling the Art League’s campus. From the artists/artisans to local performers, demonstrations, activities for kids, food, and more, there will be a lot to see and do. But some of our artists/artisans are only with us for one of the weekends. In this post you’ll learn about some of the artists who will be with us ONLY for the first weekend (unless otherwise noted). So make sure you get out to see them! Check the Web site for a full listing of the artists/artisans, their booth number, and when they will be at the show. Now – let’s meet the artists/artisans!

Michele Green has earned an artistic reputation for her impressionistic paintings. She predominantly paints in oils and her loose and generous handling of pigment enhances the feel of filtering light. Much of her work is done plein air on foot or by boat, and in her artist statement, she says she “likes to paint what others forget to look at.” Michelle has won numerous awards and honors to include being named as Artist For Delaware State Parks and being featured in Outdoor Delaware Magazine. Learn more on her Web site:

oil painting by Michele Green

“Cold Day,” by Michele Green

Helen Reinhold-Gordon is known for both fine art and antique car upholstery! In terms of her fine art, she uses acrylics and oils to paint florals, fruits, roosters, local landscapes, and seaside vistas. She has also painted several commissioned pieces of historic sites in Pennsylvania and has received awards for her work both locally and nationally. Besides exhibiting her artwork, Helen uses her artistic skills to offer customized service in upholstery for antique and classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Learn more about her creative passions on her Web site:

painting of conch shell by Helen Reinhold

Conch shell by Helen Reinhold-Gordon

Roz Weinberger says working in clay is so visual and tactile that her imagination can go anywhere to create a beautiful array​ of pieces – both functional and artistic. The opportunity to turn a lump of clay into different shapes quickly became fascinating to her. She describes putting her hands on the clay, combining them with the wheel, and watching a form come to life as the ultimate thrill. Each of Roz’s pieces is truly one of a kind and she is known for the passion and imagination she puts into her craft. Learn more about Roz and her creations on her Web site:

salt fired covered jar by Roz Weinberger

Covered Jar – Salt Fired, by Roz Weinberger of Roz Potz

Nanette Noone enjoys the direct, tactile experience of drawing. And though the subject matter often dictates the medium in which she works, she feels that her strong drawing skills are integral to every piece she creates. Nanette is a signature member of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Watercolor Societies and has received many awards for her fine painting and drawing skills. Her Philadelphia scenes have often been featured for the holiday cards benefiting the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness. See more on her Web site:

paper collage of a cat by Nanette Noone

Cat, Paper Collage, by Nanette Noone

Karen Horner is a mostly self-taught artisan who particularly enjoys working with seed beads, as well as using bead crochet and other off-loom techniques to create elegant and fun, handcrafted jewelry. She finds the process of getting the little beads to work together to create a beautiful finished piece to be both challenging and fun. She also enjoys incorporating sterling silver wire into her designs and keeps herself open to new techniques and materials. Learn more about Karen and see more designs on her Web page on the Delaware by Hand site:

handcrafted jewelry by Karen Horner

Handcrafted jewelry by Karen Horner

Narissa “Nar” Steel says creating paintings for people to enjoy is her inspiration. She creates using a variety of media, including watercolor, oil, and ink. One of her artistic challenges has been to create miniature paintings and she is the president of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. Her miniature paintings have been in exhibitions throughout the U.S., Canada, and England. She has won numerous awards and has also served as a judge for many art shows. Learn more about Nar on her Web site:

miniature painting of Washington Monument by Nar Steel

Washington Monument, oil on a piano key ~ a miniature painting by Nar Steel

Gene Gregorio focuses on the luminescence of his environment, concentrating on painting with light. He attempts to create light within his canvas, and celebrates the beauty of the world around him. Having lived in Baltimore City for over 30 years, he enjoys the city’s unique flavor and loves to paint scenes of Baltimore and the surrounding area. Gene previously owned and operated his own business as a master cabinetmaker & designer, but after a trip to Portugal in 1997, he returned to his love of painting landscapes, and has since transitioned to painting full time. Gene says he is consumed with his art and at times must wait patiently until the sun rises so he can begin to paint! Learn more about Gene on his Web site: **Update:  Gene will be back with us for Weekend 2 of the Outdoor Show!

oil painting of downtown Baltimore by Gene Gregorio

“Downtown,” by Gene Gregorio

Nancy Barch found her artistic path through experimentation. She feels that her life and her art are inextricable and that age only enhances the ability for expression. She creates her artwork with a multitude of materials applied in both painterly and graphic methods. The textures and layering within her mixed-media artwork mimic the complexities of the subject matter. Originally from Philadelphia, Nancy is fascinated by the motion and rhythm of the city and its people and always travels with a sketchbook and a box of sharpened pencils. She says, “Sketching frees you from a lot of details and makes you simplify and pull out what is important.” Her work is featured in magazines, included in corporate collections, and she is featured in the 2011 book, 100 Artists of the MidAtlantic. She also enjoys teaching and holds workshops along the Eastern United States. Learn more about Nancy on her Web site:

Rower Series collage by Nancy Barch

Rower Series VII by Nancy Barch (acrylic, collage elements, image transfers, fabric, charcoal – on canvas)

Susan Turfle has always found the process of transforming clay into a form as magical. For her, making porcelain beads has proven a most amenable channel for translating inner vision to outer reality. She enjoys porcelain clay due to the organic and meaningful composition of the material and feels that it symbolizes Mother Earth’s qualities of fertility, inexhaustible creativity, and nourishment. She handcrafts every bead and finds that the repetitive nature of the work frees her imagination to envision the embellishment process. Although the ornamentation of her beads leans toward earthy influences, she strives to find balance in her work and one result is the inclusion of celestial objects in her embellishments. She views each bead as a little work of art! Learn more about Susan (biz name is Lundela) on her Web site via Artfire where you can also find links to her other web pages:

porcelain beads with turtles by Susan Turfle

Porcelain beads by Susan Turfle (Lundela)

Pamela Aquilani is a professional photographer specializing in people, portraits, candid, and nature images. While most of her photographs are taken in Delaware, she also enjoys sharing images from her travels. Her nature, wildlife and landscape work is on display in the Kevin Fleming and Friends Delaware Art Gallery in Rehoboth Beach and she has been published in Delaware Beach Life magazine, the Delaware Beach Book, and The News Journal. Her clients include the State of Delaware Tourism Office and hosts of charity and celebration events, as well as a growing portrait business. See more of Pamela’s work on her Web site:

up close photograph of a dandelion going to seed by Pamela Aquilani

“Going to Seed” ~ Photography by Pamela Aquilani

James Kinnett has felt a special kinship with wildlife and nature since he was a young boy. Living close to the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac Rivers, James has a constant source of inspiration for his paintings. A self-taught artist, he prefers creating incredibly realistic watercolor paintings of birds, yet demonstrates the depths of his abilities by including other topics and mediums. James depicts his subject matter in minute detail, and as a professional photographer and field researcher, he relies on a composite of photographs and mounted specimens to capture the true nature of his subject. His paintings (original and Giclee’ editions) are on display in various galleries on the East Coast and his commissioned works are in numerous private homes. See more of his work on his Web site:

painting of songbird, Respite, by James Kinnett

“Respite,” by James Kinnett


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