Artists / Outdoor Show 2013

Continue meeting the 2013 Outdoor Show artists/artisans

It’s almost here! The 2013 Outdoor Show is just days away, so we will continue introducing you to as many of the participating artists/artisans as we can. You can also see a full listing of participants on our Web site. Now to the good part – meeting the artists/artisans!

mailbox sculpture by Grant Massey

Artistry by Grant Massey

Grant Massey had a long career as a custom building contractor and designer in the Delaware/Maryland beach resort area before returning to his earlier interest of working in metal. In 1991, he made his first copper and cedar yardlight from leftover building materials. With the encouragement of retailers and artist friends, his craft soon became his full-time vocation. Grant’s line of work includes a variety of indoor and outdoor lamps, garden sculpture, and furniture. His pieces have appeared in museums, galleries, and homes in the U.S. and abroad. In 1999 the Department of State purchased one of his unique mobiles for the new American Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Visit Grant’s booth & enjoy the variety of his creations during both weekends of the Outdoor Show and learn more on his Web site:

Michelle Marshall primarily focuses on landscapes in her artwork. This artist credits living at the beach for providing her with great inspiration. The state parks of the Delaware Bay Watershed, and the glades, marshes and estuaries of the mid-atlantic region beckon to her. She notes that although she always begins with a specific place in mind, her philosophy and technique is that the painting will evolve in its own unique way. Michelle considers her work impressionistic and tonal, in that she takes into consideration and seeks to evoke a sense of feeling and atmosphere through color and value. Visit Michelle’s booth & get drawn into her landscapes during both weekends of the Outdoor Show. You can also read more about her and see more of her work on her Web site:

painting called The Flight, by Michelle Marshall

“The Flight,” by Michelle Marshall

Geoff Coe moved from the mid-Atlantic region to Florida in 2004 and discovered that flatwater kayaking was a perfect way to observe birds in their natural habitat. He became more and more fascinated by the behaviors and beauty of birds, and soon was taking his digital SLR camera and telephoto zoom lens along on the kayak trips. By 2008 he was exhibiting his photographs at outdoor festivals in Florida, and now he spends time shooting and exhibiting along the coastlines of the Northeast, as well as teaching. And when he isn’t photographing nature, you are likely to find him photographing musicians! Visit Geoff’s booth & experience his lifelike images of nature during both weekends of the Outdoor Show. You can also learn more about Geoff and his work on his Web site:

photo of enchanted anhinga by Geoff Coe

“The Enchanted Anhinga,” by Geoff Coe

Margaret Bayalis painting - Emerging

“Emerging” by Margaret Bayalis – RAL 75th Members’ Fine Art award winner

Margaret Bayalis is noted for her rich palette and painterly style and has garnered awards & recognition since beginning her artistic endeavors. She studied and worked professionally in graphic design, while also utilizing her skills as a courtroom artist and freelance illustrator. Margaret brings this experience into her paintings with a sharp eye for composition, color, and strong contrast. In June 2013 she received the prestigious, “Howard Schroeder Award for a Figurative Painting” at the Rehoboth Art League’s 75th Member’s Fine Art Exhibition for her work titled, “Emerging,” featured here.

Margaret works between studios in Milford, DE and St. Petersburg, FL, but you can find her at her booth and delight in her rich style during both weekends of the Outdoor Show! You can also learn more about her & her work on the Web site she shares with her artist husband, John Bayalis (see below):

still life titled Vacation's End by John Bayalis

“Vacation’s End,” by John Bayalis

John Bayalis is noted for his distinct, realist style. In addition to winning numerous awards, his skill at handling contemporary themes and subject matter has earned him acclaim from art critics and collectors throughout the U.S. John’s vibrant watercolors reflect a specific clarity of light and form, while dealing with unique viewpoints in portraying popular culture and the vernacular landscape. He has also embraced still life as a format, and sought to show a personal vision in both content and composition. Included in his honors and awards is the pleasure of having his work selected for the cover of American Artist magazine. Visit John at his booth during both weekends of the Outdoor Show and dive into his beautiful and intricate compositions. Learn more about John and his work on the Web site he shares with his artist wife (above), Margaret Bayalis:

Alan Burslem is ceramic artist and teacher. Since 1976 Alan has been designing and creating a diverse line of functional and sculptural high-fire pottery in the Historical Village of Arden, Delaware, a century old Arts and Crafts community. In interviews, he notes that growing up in an artistic community, surrounded by serious artists of all disciplines, has always been a source of great inspiration for him. Alan mixes his own clay and glazes from powders and can often be found impressing festival or exhibit goers with demonstrations of his craft. Enjoy the variety and precision of Alan’s creations at his booth during both weekends of the Outdoor Show and learn more about him on the Delaware By Hand Web site.

ceramic pitcher with flowers by Alan Burslem

Ceramic pitcher with flowers by Alan Burslem


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