Artists / Outdoor Show 2013

Meet the 2013 Outdoor Show Artists & Artisans

As the Outdoor Show gets closer, we’ll continue introducing you to the work of some of our participating artists and artisans who travel from all around the DE – MD – DC – PA – VA region (and from areas even further away) to be part of the event. In each blog post about the artists/artisans, you will note the wide variety of creative talents and skills on display during this annual event. From painting to ceramics to jewelry, blacksmithing, woodworking, quilting, and more… the creativity never ends!

Michele Byrne paints in oils and watercolors and loves to paint outdoors directly on site. She enjoys immersing herself in the subject and soaking up not just the sights, but also the sounds, smells, and the mood of the moment, and conveying them through her painting. In contrast with many plein air painters, she prefers capturing social situations and urban landscapes. “My plein air paintings are meant to be mirrors of our lives.” Two books of her paintings are published and a third book is on the way! Visit Michele during both weekends of the Outdoor Show and learn more about her and her paintings on her Website and blog at See her plein air painting of the Chestertown, MD farmers market, “Market Morning.”

Market Morning painting by Michele Byrne

Nick Vincent is a blacksmith who resides in Uniontown, MD who has been blacksmithing for 31 years (full time for the last 23 years). Nick’s interests and specialities have grown over the years – from an early interest in eighteenth century reproductions to hardware for houses and buildings around the world to intricate sculptures and other items for modern houses.

In his new line of Chesapeake Bay inspired ironwork, you’ll find beautiful regional details such as cat tails, grasses, crabs, and herons incorporated into furniture, sculptures, and lighting, such as the Heron Lamp shown here. Visit Nick at his booth both weekends of the Outdoor Show and learn more about him on his Web site at

Heron Lamp by Nick Vincent

Heron Lamp by Nick Vincent – blacksmith

Audrey Hauserman designs and creates using fabric. From pillow covers to quilts to cover up with or elaborate quilts to display on the wall, she customizes her beautiful designs and exhibits her work throughout VA, MD, NC, DE, and NJ! Don’t miss her at her booth – both weekends of the Outdoor Show and view her product line on her site at

Quilt by Audrey Hauserman

Quilt by Audrey Hauserman


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