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Meet the 2013 Outdoor Show Artists & Artisans

As we are only 23 days away from the start of our very popular, two weekend Outdoor Show, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the artists/artisans who will be participating. Don’t forget to stop at the show and talk with the artists/artisans about their creative process! The show takes place August 10-11 and 17-18. See you there!

Charlene Jobe is a painter with a focus in oils, acrylics, & mixed media. Charlene describes the creative feeling she gets from painting as a freeing and joyful experience. She enjoys plein air landscapes, florals, and image base abstracts. Charlene is always striving through her work to express an unspoken language that we all feel. You can visit Charlene at her booth for both weekends of the Outdoor Show. And be sure to check out her Web site too:  Below is an oil on canvas by Charlene titled, Boat Light.

Painting by Charlene Jobe titled Boat Light

“Boat Light” by Charlene Jobe

Arden Bardol is trained as an architect and is inspired by the structural steel connections of bridges and buildings, as well as the moving parts of a clock. She works with polymer clay and metal powders to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry with unique colors and textures. Her process involves between 8-10 steps and involves a layering process inspired at a literal level by nuts and bolts. At a metaphorical level, the objects represent the “events of life.” Her collection includes everything from necklaces and earrings to brooches, to very unique buckles, dragonfly necklaces, rings, and much more. Arden will have a booth for both weekends of the Outdoor Show. Be sure to stop by and see her! You can learn more about her on her site at:  Below are some examples of her work.

Art Jewelry by Arden Bardol

Art Jewelry by Arden Bardol

Photographer Elisabeth Bard invites viewers to lose themselves in a maze of lines and colors as she creates a labyrinth experience using structure, strong color, and intersecting lines. She uses a telephoto lens to present patterns, shapes, and textures in captivating schemes. You will also find elements of typography in her work as she discovers shapes in the environments and presents them in her work. Landscapes, doors, windows, and floral images are her first love, but she now enjoys venturing into more abstract. Elisabeth now focuses on photography full-time, but has also worked as a has a graphic artist, designer, and illustrator. Visit Elisabeth’s booth both weekends of the Outdoor Show. And learn more about her work on her Web site: 

An example of her work from her Plants & Wildlife portfolio is shown below:

Elisabeth Bard photography - wildlife

Elisabeth Bard Photography – from her Plants and Wildlife portfolio


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