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Recycled/Upcycled Art is a Passion for Local Artist

Local artist Gary Crowl says he feels like the Rehoboth Art League’s upcoming Recycled/Upcycled Art Exhibition was made just for him. He is pictured here with one of his pieces, Sea Finds, that will be on display during the exhibition starting July 19 and ending August 25.

"Sea Finds," ~ Recycled Art by Gary Crowl

“Sea Finds,” ~ Recycled Art by Gary Crowl

Crowl has a distinct passion for creating art out of discarded items found on the beach. He noted the signature element in his works is a piece of a crab basket bottom (the half circle), an item unique to our region. He scours the beaches from Dupont City to the end of Fenwick, cleaning up the beach while also salvaging materials to include in his works and finds a wide variety of interesting items. Crowl can usually identify what the items are or once were and so each of his recycled works comes with a lot of background. For example, his piece called “Sunrise 303” includes the bottom of a 3 legged milking stool. He noted that of course even the frame is recycled and in the case of Sea Finds, he used sand dune fence slats. Now here’s a test for readers:  Sea Finds includes sports items. See if you can spot them. If not, you better make plans to check out the exhibition in person!

Gary will also be participating in both weekends of the RAL’s upcoming Outdoor Show. Catch him & his creations there too!

Crowl's pieces, "Sea Finds" and "Sunrise 303"

Crowl’s pieces, “Sea Finds” and “Sunrise 303”

Crowl Art_Sea Finds

“Sea Finds” by Gary Crowl


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