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Celebrating Jack Lewis

Jack Lewis at the RAL Outdoor Show with his dog, Benji.

The Art League is excited to announce the upcoming special exhibition to honor the artistic career of Jack Lewis. This exhibition will include selected Jack Lewis works from public and private collections, as well as works by his daughter, Heather Lewis.

A special memorial celebration will take place at 4 p.m. on July 19th just prior to the opening at 5 p.m. The exhibition will run through August 25th.

Don’t miss the rare and wonderful opportunity to see works by one of Delaware’s most celebrated artists. Some pieces will also be available for purchase. In addition, the Lewis family has requested that any gifts honoring Jack be given to the Art League to start an education scholarship in his name.

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One thought on “Celebrating Jack Lewis

  1. I’m so sorry to learn the news of the passing of the great Mr. Lewis. I always felt the greatness of my childhood art teachers lessons. I have meet many wonderful people that have shared their experience of having know Jack Lewis. I can only express my thankfulness of being gifted the time to receive his gift of art. Mr. Lewis was more than an art teacher, as he shared his great gift of life through his many talents (art being what he gifted my young mind). Wow, what I’d like to tell this kind man today. Some people never know what them may become as adults and only a few may be shown the crafts of their teachers. Only a few teachers have made the impact upon my life as Mr. Lewis. He showed me at a young age that the gifts within can change the world. Today I’m a contractor that wants to make a difference in the market that I serve. This is what happens when greatness finds it’s real purpose in this world. Only a few people can truly make such a great impact upon their canvas. Mr. Lewis should always be loved by his students. Many thanks to Mr. Lewis and his family for all their service to Delaware.

    With great thanks,

    Stuart Anglin

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